Nagendra Ramnanan Singh – DBA – Online Learning

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

The atmosphere in operating and participating from the ONLINE learning experience lent a sense of ‘informality’ as compared to the normal classroom setting … most enjoyed.  It does not diminish the opportunity to contribute productively. (Nonetheless, I do have a personal preference for the formal classroom (Lecture) setting).  The advantage…real people, voices, handshakes, smiles, expressions, etc.

With regard to the online learning experience, there was little or minimum distraction that lent to wholesome participation by careful listening, concentration and always trying to maintain a clear focus, of what has to be accomplished during the session.

The interface with Lecturers can be described as quite meaningful, motivating, and cordial. The interaction with other students was warm, supportive, and learnings occurred through constructive communication and association.