Produce technical reports which reflect coherence, clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and completeness.


The need for skilled report writing has increased in the last 20 years. Companies increasingly seek training for technical staff, however, technical writing skills are not only necessary for engineers and alike; these skills are critical in any technically-oriented professional job. Technical communications—or technical writing—is not writing about a specific technical topic such as computers, but about any technical topic. The term “technical” refers to knowledge that is not widespread, that is more the territory of experts and specialists.

Technical communications is the delivery of technical information in a manner that is adapted to their needs, level of understanding and background. One of the challenges in writing about highly technical subjects is to do so in a way that a non-specialist could understand. This ability to translate technical information to non-specialists is a key skill to any technical communicator.

Good technical reports can serve the purpose of effective communications, motivating the implementation of recommended actions and gaining the respect of the organization.

This comprehensive 3-day workshop covers technical report writing principles. Participants will be able to tackle and present technical reports with confidence, skill, and enthusiasm.


Upon completion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Employ the most effective writing techniques to enhance clarity and coherence· Apply the principles of effective business communication and report writing to compose high-quality reports
  • Produce technical reports which reflect coherence, clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and completeness.
  • Present technical information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner.

Turn the most technical presentation into one that is exciting and memorable



  • DATE: December 5th, 6th & 7th 2017
  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Cost per participant is inclusive of all training materials and certificate.


  • VENUE: Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business Max Richards Drive, Uriah Butler Highway, South Campus, Marabella.
  • Max Richards Drive,
    Uriah Butler Highway North West
    Mount Hope
  • Coordinator: Salisha Ali ext. 414
  • Tel: 645-6700 Fax: 662-1411
  • Email:
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