Develop the knowledge and skills to enhance enterprise competitiveness through strategic purchasing and supply chain management


The International Trade Centre (ITC) International Diploma in Supply Chain Management, based on ITC’s Modular Learning System (MLS) in Supply Chain Management (SCM), responds to the rapidly growing need to develop skills in supply chain management, a key area for competitiveness and export performance. Research carried out at the development stage of this programme indicated that despite the significant potential value of training in SCM, such training was either non-existent, offered on a very limited scale or not of sufficient quality in the majority of the countries targeted for this programme. In addition, many enterprises were not aware of the potential value of SCM skills development. The objective of the Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM℗) programme is to promote enterprise competitiveness through improved purchasing and supply chain management knowledge and skills.

This programme is designed for business executives at different stages of their professional career, those new to supply chain management, as well as for others who want to refresh or reinforce their skill sets. The full International Diploma programme consists of a series of 18 complete and up-to-date training modules on supply chain management with international examinations managed by ITC. The programme covers the key aspects for effective supply chain management and prepares individuals with the necessary skills to enter and excel in global supply chains.

This comprehensive curriculum is offered throughout the world and the knowledge and skills gained from the programme are beneficial to both the novice and experienced supply chain practitioner




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