SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition

The Society for Human Resource Management hosts an annual conference and exposition showcasing distinguished speakers, in-depth discussion forums and informative workshops. This year’s conference takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is the ultimate networking event for any HR practitioner.

How can attending the SHRM Conference benefit you?

  • Exposure to new ideas, trends and colleagues
  • Displays practical application of classroom learning
  • Gain experience in industry-relevant areas of interest
  • Increased global awareness of varied cultures and practices
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities

Getting to the Conference is simple:

  • You are eligible to form part of this delegation if you are an ALJGSB student pursuing any programme at Masters Level – even if you are in the Practicum phase of your programme.
  • You are required to be a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. Please register online through the SHRM’s website.
  • Cost of membership is USD 40.00 (see form below).
  • You must possess a US Visa. If you do not have a valid US Visa, the ALJGSB can provide assistance toward expediting this process.

ALJGSB students enjoy a discounted cost of

$355.00 USD to attend the conference.

Contact Dr. Wynette Harewood at or 689 1963 to confirm travel arrangements and accommodation.

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