Develop the skills to build a great career


Every journey begins with one step; begin your journey towards success with an ABE qualification. Expertise in business management will enable you to excel in many different career paths. If you are ambitious, an ABE qualification will give you skills to achieve your goals. ABE’s portfolio has been developed to provide the expertise needed for a management career, now and in the future.

Reasons to study for an ABE qualification:

  •  It will give you the skills to build a great career
  •  You can top up to a university degree quickly and affordably
  • It’s flexible – units can be studied in any order over any time period

In addition, ABE’s full Diplomas all carry 120 credits, which means they match with the stages of a Bachelors degree.

What’s more, ABE is recognised by Ofqual (the UK government’s qualifications regulator) as well as by similar bodies worldwide. You can be assured that your qualification has international recognition by respected, independent education authorities

ABE’s Business Management (L5 Diploma)

This qualification will develop a strategic understanding of business management principles and practical application. It is at the same level of difficulty as year two of a Bachelors degree



  • Date: January 2018
  • Reg. Deadline: December 20th, 2017
  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Cost per participant is inclusive of all training materials and certificate.


  • Venue: Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business
  • Max Richards Drive,
    Uriah Butler Highway North West
    Mount Hope
  • Coordinator: Mr. Shadeed Ali / Ms. Lisa Ramrattan
  • Tel: 645-6700 Fax: 662-1411
  • Email:
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