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The Lok Jack GSB will launch its  Bachelors in International and Sustainable Business in September 2018 based on a need of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region for high-growth, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs.  Students will learn the true essence of business education and practice with a problem-centered approach and the objective of a solution mindset. The programme, built around innovative business development and creation will result in students seeking self-employment as a viable option for career and personal advancement.


When seeking a tertiary education institution to further your studies, there are factors that must be well-thought-out for your benefit. The Lok Jack GSB considers a student’s success and offers services that gives a student a holistic education experience:

Institutional accreditation

The Lok Jack GSB is institutionally accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) which signifies the quality and standard of our academic programmes, teaching methodology and student support. In 2017, the institution won the ACTT QuiTE top award for Teaching and Learning.

International alliances

The Lok Jack GSB has over the years forged a series of strategic partnerships with various international institutions and organizations for the benefit our students. Some of these include: Florida International University, George Washington University, Harvard Business School, Indian Institute of Management, Energy Institute, Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago, European Foundation for Management Development and HigherEd.


Passing on the baton is an essential factor for the institution and is reflected through our mentorship programme with the Alumni and Advancement Unit that helps students with their transition in business and education. Our Executive Education department host a Youth Mentorship Programme to develop the young people of Trinidad and Tobago towards a better lifestyle.


An environment created for entrepreneurs to be mentored from plans to implementation of their business ideas. Some of these mentors remain for a lifetime based on the relationships built. Bizbooster host workshops and events for entrepreneurs to network and showcase their business which helps create new clientele and brand awareness.

Study trips

Students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to travel every year to a different country to learn about their culture and business practices that made them successful. Over the years, the Lok Jack GSB has been to Brazil, Panama, Chile, and Silicon Valley, now looking forward to 2018 study trip.


The Lok Jack GSB facilities is always complimented by students and visitors to the institution.  The classrooms are fitted with the latest technology and comfortable seating whether lecture or group styled. It is conducive to learning with our Zen areas to the side of the main campus where students can relax. The Republic Bank library is excellent for finding articles, journals, materials and books required for reading and research. The cafeteria accommodates meals on a daily basis with air conditioned indoor dining or the outside patio with beautiful green scenery and flowing water.

Student support (LAU)

The Learning Assurance Unit is the place where students receive academic support and guidance during the years they are at the Lok Jack GSB. Each programme is assigned a learning assurance officer who schedules classes, assist with registration of courses, groups, and faculty and give pastoral care when required. At the Lok Jack GSB, it is our duty to ensure that students, who are our greatest assets, receive the support required for their success.

Student life

Students are able to get involved in the many activities that the Lok Jack GSB provides which contributes to their holistic development. The clubs that students can participate are: the Debate Club, Health and Wellness Group and Sports Club (hiking, running, football & cricket).  The Lok Jack GSB also partners with different NGO’s such as United Way as a community service and corporate social responsibility.


You join a community of 2000+ business leaders, practioners and educators who are passionate about their field and willing to be the best. The alumni host networking events so you can meet those who have completed successfully and have been on the same journey. Also mentoring programmes and a POST-MBA for individuals who are in need of advanced training and skills.

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