Professional Certificate in Marketing Development & Business Strategy

This Professional Certificate in Market Development and Brand Strategy is aimed at equipping participants with the core competencies required to engage in strategic market positioning to accurately identify and capitalise on market development opportunities. Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to use skills developed, to implement a market development strategy, access untapped markets, broaden their customer reach and manage the evolution of a successful brand. Participants will be introduced to various components of market development with special emphasis on issues related to brand management, sales strategy, customer data analytics, cross border customer engagement, behavioural economics and integrated approaches to marketing communications.

Target Audience

The programme is particularly useful to personnel who are involved directly or indirectly in the market development and branding strategy operations of an organisation or have an interest in becoming involved in the process. This will include sales professionals, marketing professionals, business owners, brand managers, entrepreneurs and business development professional

Learning Objectives

• Identify what are the different stages in market development and how your strategy should differ?

• Demonstrate the principles of competition and competitive analysis to formulate market strategy.

• Recognise different market and brand strategies that will allow you to enter and grow market share.

• Demonstrate segmentation analysis to determine who are the ideal customers for your organisation and why?

• Explore how to manage a sales team, identify key accounts and prioritise sales opportunities.

• Formulate an integrated marketing communications plan.

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