Professional Certificate in Leadership in Healthcare

Leading, managing and implementing initiatives, programmes and facilities in healthcare present special challenges. Managers in healthcare must make and implement decisions that promote the objectives of their organisations and the health system in this complex and dynamic environment. This often means having to make decisions that involve implicit trade – offs between cost, quality and access. This certificate programme provides tools that will allow participants to effectively confront these challenges and present solutions to improve leadership and service in the healthcare sector.


· Solve problems in healthcare delivery by thinking strategically from the clinical and business perspective.

· Plan and control budgets for their areas of responsibility.

· Make decisions in healthcare based on sound reasoning using the most appropriate evidence.

· Understand quality, quality healthcare, quality indicators and be able to acquire and apply the basic techniques for managing quality.

· Diagnose the causes behind team or organisational problems in health, and motivate/enable others without using formal authority.

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