Balanced Scorecard Certificate

The Introduction to Balanced Scorecard course shows a step-by-step methodology to build and implement a balanced scorecard strategic management system. It includes a hands-on workshop to allow participants to get practice in developing a best practices balanced scorecard system.

Participants have an opportunity to address specific issues in their organisations regarding how to build upon their current planning systems to efficiently develop a balanced scorecard strategic management system.

Participants will learn how to:

· Engage in strategic planning activities – commencing with defining strategic themes and results throughout BSIs 9-step process.

· Develop strategic objectives and a strategy map utilising an organisation assessment to set vision, mission, and strategy.

· Articulate the six steps needed to build a scorecard system and the three steps needed to implement these systems.

· Explain the evolution of measurement and strategic management systems.

· Identify reasons for adopting a balanced scorecard system.

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