Master of Information Systems and Technology Management

The aim of the MISTM programme is to produce graduates with advanced academic and practical expertise in information systems and technology management, for effective performance across a wide range of dynamic and competitive environments. Students are trained to support the integration of systems and technological infrastructure within an organisation and create a data-driven, knowledge-based environment. Furthermore, the MISTM is intended to provide the student with a solid foundation across key technologies and systems theories, provide sufficient consideration of those areas that would fall under the purview of the manager, and allow for further specialization and research. The programme is not intended to focus on any one area of Management Information Systems, make the participant an Information Technology expert, nor be the source of discussion of any particular technology. Rather, it builds sufficient capability that persons would be able to contribute within an organisation or venture, on one part, and those seeking to pursue specialist skills in any one particular area would have enough exposure to the relevant area to attain further skills effortlessly.

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