Mentor Application Form

Objectives of the Lok Jack GSB Alumni Mentorship Programme

  • To assist students by pairing them with past students who will provide mentorship and guidance as they progress through their respective programmes at the Lok Jack GSB.
  • To expand the professional networks of all participants with the view of having a more integrated and diverse Lok Jack GSB business network.
  • To assist in the professional development of the up and coming business leaders in the Caribbean.
  • To tap into the tacit knowledge and experience inherent in the Alumni in training the new generation of professionals which are not necessarily learned in the classroom.

To facilitate the transfer of knowledge from different eras of business professionals for the overall development of all participants.

Expectations of the Mentor

  • Conduct and lead initial meeting with mentee
  • Together with the mentee, decide on the goals of the individual relationship
  • Together with the mentee, decide on regularity, frequency and how contact will occur e.g. face-to-face meetings, phone conversation, by email or some other form of internet communication such as Skype.
  • Keep the agreed contact commitments. (There are occasions when work or personal pressures interrupt scheduled meeting times occurring, please ensure the mentee is advised of the situation)
  • Be a good listener and respect confidentiality.
  • Show a willingness to listen and communicate with the mentee.
  • Provide guidance, offer relevant advice and give feedback to the mentee when required. Don’t feel responsible for solving problems (e.g. finding a position) rather tease out an issue or problem with your mentee encouraging them to find a solution.
  • Introduce the mentee to professional networks. Help the mentee explore career development opportunities.
  • Understand your own professional boundaries and knowledge and be ready to refer the mentee to others who might have more knowledge.
  • Participate in program evaluation and review.
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