The Master of

Master of Financial Management

Advance your organisation with skills and knowledge, as you gain access to leading academics with extensive industry and research experience. Explore finance, risk management, project planning and control, economic analysis, marketing analysis and auditing within this programme.

The Master of

Master of Financial Management

Whether you want to work in a corporate finance department, banking, asset management, consulting, fintech or even found your own financial startup, our Master in Finance will help you transform your organization with the knowledge and skills, and transform your life.

Key Programme Attributes

  • 14 Months
  • Evening and Saturday Classes
  • Blended Learning with Online & Face to Face Sessions
  • 3 Modules (Build, Strengthen, Broaden)

Who Should Attend

You’ll develop core skills that empower you to add value anywhere in the financial sector. The programme allows you to immediately implement your new knowledge, so that when you graduate, you’ll be more prepared, better connected and completely ready to take on a leadership role in Finance. This programme is for:

  • Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • Accounting Officers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Specialists
  • Branch Managers
  • Commercial Loan Officers

Entry Requirements:

Your future in finance starts here. The new 12 month Master of Finance programme is designed to deliver the knowledge and technical skills that business requires. Guided experienced faculty members, you’ll master essential tools and concepts, and learn to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and data-analysis techniques.
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Economics, Finance or related area
  • Minimum 2 years experience in the field of Banking, Accounting or Finance
Build Management Foundations
Personal Development
Cost Accounting & Finance
Marketing Management
Operational Competitiveness
IT Management
Exploration of Change
Finance Specialisation
Trimester 2 Trimester 3
Introduction to Business Analytics Financial Derivitives
Financial Analysis Corporate Governance
Capital Budgeting Financial Technology
Financial Policy Organisational Design
Financial Asset Management
Broaden with Elective Seminars
New frontier in leadership
Developing insightful strategic thinking
Public to private equity
A.I. at the workplace
The challenges of Caribbean economy in the post pandemic context
Operational excellence the never-ending challenge
Digital Marketing vs Marketing in a Digital environment

Development Steps

The Master of Marketing is divided into three modules corresponding to the development steps of the transformation experience.

Step 1


Acquisition, re-assurance, fine-tuning of the skills which represents the quintessence of management.

Step 1

Step 2


Deployment of Human Resource Skills, but always with a general management perspective, allows students to contribute to the success of the company, as a whole, in its own competitive environment.

Step 2

Step 3


Broadening your business view with Seminars on the most recent developments in business. Choose 6 that are most relevant to you.

Step 3


Our teaching approach incorporates syndicate learning, case studies, regular assessments and immersion in real-life industry projects, designed to help deepen student knowledge in a particular area of interest and to expose them to the real business world. Assessments for the Marketing courses vary but generally includes a combination of individual and group assignments, in-class tests and class participation.
Dr. Balraj Kisto
Dr. Wynette Harewood
Dr. Nneka Joseph
Dr. Kevin Fleary

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Our new developed courses are academically rigorous and include compulsory core subjects and electives. The core subjects develop student knowledge and understanding of the many functional aspects of business operations.