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A Henley Impact Multi-Media Learning Experience

Oct 23rd and 24th 2019


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This new era of work has brought with it the demand for collaboration and shared decision making…WeWork. Taking a ‘distributed leadership’ perspective recognises the value of all individuals in an organisation and their involvement in the practice of leadership. This does not necessarily involve formal delegation of said individuals, but rather a focus on the interactions of individuals through leadership practice.

The age of dictatorial leadership is extinct and, with the rise of new technologies such as 24-hour instant communication, machine learning and telecommuting, the time is here for a more empowering form of decision-making. With algorithms poised to take the bulk of processing work in the near future, and with many jobs at risk of change or erasure, humanity needs to adapt to thrive.

Distributed leadership recognises the value of all individuals in an organisation and their involvement in the practice of leadership.

Why should you

Attend this Masterclass

The first of its kind in the region, this Henley Masterclass will bring together internationally respected experts along with local and regional business minds to explore the latest thinking, best practices and applied models in modern leadership. Practical in flow and format, it promises to be a high energy, high impact event, exploring the growing trend of Distributed Leadership. Get ready to be the pioneers in this new leadership approach to advance your organisation!

Explore best practices in and the application of Distributed Leadership that will enhance decision-making within your organisation

Align your values, brand and behaviour to build success and curate your legacy

Discover the benefits of Centaur Leadership and Centaur teams (half human, half machine)

Overcome the challenge of people performance within your organisation

Examine how the Nordic approach to leadership can better equip you to meet the challenges of a chaotic future

Deepen your knowledge on how to become the right person (identity) in order to do the right thing (purpose) and lead with integrity (reputation)

Our Speaker Line-Up

Top ranked Henley Business School in collaboration with the Lok Jack GSB is excited to bring to you these internationally respected leadership experts and local business minds at this Henley Impact Event. Gain the skills needed to employ a more empowering and inclusive form of decision-making, enabling increased performance and efficiency within your organisation.

Professor Moira Clark – UK

The Role of Leadership, Values and Behaviours

Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School

Chris Shern – Denmark/USA

Nordic Leadership

Cultural Adventurer, Author, Managing Director of Henley Business School in Denmark

Kevin Money – UK

Building Resilient Reputations: Values, Brands and Behaviour

Director, the John Madejski Centre for Reputation

Barry van Zyl – South Africa

Exploring the World of Chronobiology – Our Unique Rhythms as Human

Creative Sector Professional

John Vlismas – South Africa

Centaur Leadership – Half Human, Half Machine Teams

Disruptive Thinker, Owner of OGO Productions

Mikhael ‘Mik’ Newman – UK

Empowering Leaders in Developing Societies to Curate Their Legacies Through World Class Reputation Management

CEO, Genlinx Partnership Ltd.

Professor Surendra Arjoon - Trinidad

Exploring the Components of Virtuous Leadership

Professor of Business & Professional Ethics, UWI, St. Augustine

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