CSO Development

There is an increasing acknowledgment among governments and development practitioners that the involvement of civil society is critical to the elaboration of appropriate, relevant and sustainable development policies.

CSOs have the opportunity to influence the creation of policies, assist in the implementation and improve the functioning of the government along with the public institutions.  There has been a more formalized approach to the networking of CSOs since 2011 across various areas of advocacy, as they work together to educate, lobby and share knowledge on how to source financing as an NGO.  Despite this, there has been limited interaction within the CSOs.

Lok Jack GSB seeks to strengthen the capacity of national and local CSOs and improve the effectiveness of the national civil society organizations (CSOs) in participating effectively in the decision making and implementation of the national and local policies.

Project: Measures to Support Civil Society Organisations in Trinidad and Tobago for the Development of Business and the Economy.

Funding Agency: European Union

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Social Innovation

Within the context of a global recession and a volatile socio-economic landscape, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business has partnered with the CITI Foundation to help tackle the challenges faced youths in Trinidad and Tobago – some of the most vulnerable – and promising – stakeholders in society and the future of the country.

This is being done through the development of a social innovation lab, which seeks to build on and augment the many initiatives locally, and developments globally, in the realm of social innovation. We understand social innovation to be a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals. [Stanford Graduate School of Business – Centre for Social Innovation]

The GSB’s Social Innovation Lab Program (SINNOVAL) seeks to build in the participant-youths the positive reinforcement of values and installation of confidence and capability to integrate well into society and the workplace. Methods to achieve this take cognizance of the target audience, and ensure maximum impact through the pursuit of projects within the community that would help to discover, reinforce and focus competencies for an improved immediate environment and better-integrated participant.

Project: SINNOVAL- Social Innovation Lab

Funding Agency: Citibank Foundation

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Public Sector Development

Government spending now represents about 20 percent of the $60 trillion total global economies. Lok Jack GSB Development Consulting works with national and regional governments, government agencies, trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.

The public sector’s influence comes directly, through government entities, state-owned enterprises, and institutional funding, as well as indirectly, through regulation and oversight. The sector is facing major challenges, such as rising costs, growing deficits, shifting centers of economic activity, a burgeoning war for talent and increasingly demanding customers.

Recently, the use of stimulus funds and regulatory reform has further blurred the lines between public and private entities. Both the long-term trends and recent events have forced the public sector to adapt lessons from private enterprise in several areas.

Lok Jack GSB Development Consulting works with bold, ambitious leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and eager for change to address the key strategic tools that improve performance and help public sector entities do the work they do better.

Project 1: Implementation of a Quality Management System for Suriname Business Climate & Innovation Program (SUBCIP) under the Competitiveness Unit in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism

Funding Agency: Inter-American Development Bank

Project 2: Econometric Analysis of Productivity: ICT & Creative Industries for Suriname Business Climate & Innovation Program (SUBCIP) on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry

Funding Agency: Inter-American Development Bank

Education & Training

Education and Training are important enablers of social and economic development.  The Caribbean region requires a pool of citizens with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to lead purposeful and productive lives in an internationally competitive environment.  Investments into education are critical to the strengthening of mechanisms for full participation in the development process.  Lok Jack GSB’s focus on education and training provides opportunities for our partners, affiliates and CARICOM countries to assist in capacity building, through interventions with leadership, management and manpower development.

Lok Jack GSB is committed to improving the lives of people in the Caribbean region through creating and delivering tailored development solutions that are sustainable and relevant to the challenges we face.