New Bachelor of Business

Your fast-track to business leadership can start earlier than ever.

For the secondary school student who nished CSEC and wants to start a bachelor’s degree, it has never before been an option to have in hand a Bachelor of Business from the only ACTT-accredited business school in the nation.
The program has been specically designed to deliver passionate, driven and focused young graduates who can actively contribute to most industries or who can immediately embark on developing their own business. As the Lok Jack GSB’s inaugural undergrad programme, the BISB has benetted for being designed by world-recognised faculty, in close conjunction with top business leaders, to deliver a uniquely practical qualication.

Key Features Include

  • Accepting CSEC and CAPE students
  • 4 Years
  • Practical application of knowledge
  • Access to Student-Led Initiatives
  • Access Paid Internship
  • Access Alumni Mentorship
  • Access Lok Jack GSB & UWI facilities
  • Access International study trips & job opportunities
Housed in the new, purpose-built, west wing of the school: the newest cog of an ecosystem of business learning with a more intimate and secure oering for the new tertiary level student wishing to focus on their personal and professional development with the best technology and faculty available.
e programme motto, “Be the CEO of your own career” harkens to the deeper value of early business education where the skills and experience, gained over the rst four years of a lifetime of earning and growing, can serve the individual throughout their career. BISB graduates, whether they become entrepreneurs of their own calling or “intrapreneurs” who lead from within an organisation, are better equipped through bilingual communication skilll capability,
leadership training, and core academic learning. At the heart of the BISB program’s unique value is an internship opportunity like no other. e internship program has been designed with practical outcomes in mind.
Students can have access to paid work-learn opportunities built into the programme through the generous support of leading private sector companies. e total cost of the programme can be partially oset while students benet from a wide range of experiences and networking opportunities never before available locally. is exposure has been identied by incoming students as a key dierentiator for them and their parents.
BISB graduates will be more highly sought-after by human resource departments of top local companies as they represent the leading edge of the business future; young, passionate and well-trained graduates who have already demonstrated, through their choice to attend the nest programme at the most prestigious business school and obtaining practical work experience at leading organisations – as they intend to reach for the top!