Teachers encouraged to increase engagement in the classroom

On Friday 8th June, the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business hosted secondary school teachers from across the country for an “Authentic Teaching and Learning Workshop”. This is one of the initiatives surrounding the launch of the 1st bachelor degree programme of the business school: Bachelor of International Sustainable Business (BISB). 

The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the authenticity, practical approach and engagement at the secondary school level to facilitate a more seamless and stronger transition into the field of business, that is, from secondary school to university to the corporate world.

Attendees were challenged to evaluate how their teaching methods adopted in the classroom can be more authentic and were exposed to various methods like “gamification” that can be implemented to encourage engagement in the classroom while making it more conducive to learning. Participants evaluated authentic activities and made recommendations for improvements which further added to the practical takeaways for all those in attendance.

Dr. Kamla Mungal, Director, Leadership Institute, Mr. Jaidath Maharaj, Manager, Quality Assurance, and Mrs. Adi Montas, Director, Marketing & Admissions at the UWI-ALJGSB conducted the days’ proceedings with a special address by Mr. David Dulal-Whiteway, CEO, UWI-ALJGSB. Mr. Dulal-Whiteway stated, “Teachers can be great leaders as their day to day job is about developing people and sharing knowledge and these are characteristics of good leadership”.

Participants left eager to integrate the authentic methods with the traditional teaching approach currently being used at schools to achieve a greater, more enjoyable learning experience for both students and teachers. The beneficiaries of this will be the students who will now be equipped with both the knowledge and skills required to progress through university and ultimately into the corporate world.