Why use our Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness Centre/Services?

Organization's that use a diagnostic approach benefit from an improved quality of decision making that can significantly impact organisational development.

Statistics show:

  • 2 out of 3 new hires will disappoint in the first year

  • 2 out of 3 employees would rather work somewhere else

  • 95 out of 100 applicants will "exaggerate" to get a job

  • Most hiring decisions are made in haste - during the first five minutes of an interview

  • Turnover costs thousands of dollars for every departing employee

  • The majority of employee turnover is avoidable

  • When training employees, a "one size fits all" approach has failed to provide the desired

  • results.

  • When selecting people for promotion, otherwise excellent employees have too often been miscast into roles they could not perform satisfactorily.

Therefore, if you...

  • want to put the right people into jobs;

  • provide employees with effective training and development;

  • help their managers to become more effective;

  • and promote people into positions where they will succeed.

Then, please contact our team.

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