Training & Development

At Lok Jack GSB, the Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Centre, in collaboration with Executive Education, offers organisations a more strategic, efficient approach to Training and Development. Our four phased approach involves:

  1. Identifying Competencies and Training Needs

  2. Designing Customised Training and Development Plans

  3. Delivering Customised In-Company Training and Development Programmes; and

  4. Evaluating the impact of Training and Development

Our approach allows organisations to maximise their investment in Training and Development, leverage company talent, and improve performance.

Our system allows you to:

  • Target your training dollars towards required areas of development and to the people that need it

  • Have a development plan that is in alignment with the company's strategic objectives

  • Provide training that addresses the issues specific to your company, industry and economic environment

  • Justify training expenditure and demonstrate its impact through the use of measurable and comparable tools

Apart from the above, we also work with HR units in rolling out their strategic initiatives. This involves providing training to HR Officers, Senior and Line Management on topics such as:

  • Understanding Competency Based Management

  • Competency Based Interviewing Techniques

  • Understanding your Leadership Profile

  • Succession Planning

  • Coaching and Mentoring

In addition to the above, we also design and conduct Leadership Development Programmes to help companies achieve competitive advantage by developing the leadership competencies they desire within their management team.


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