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AIE's approach to Recruitment and Selection is a collaborative one, as we work closely with our clients to compliment your existing recruitment initiatives. Our methodology utilises cutting edge, best practices, such as personality and aptitude assessments, job simulation exercises or full assessment centres. Our clients are assured of identifying a prospective high potential employee that fits into and contributes positively to the organisation.

Our recruitment and Selection service suite involves 5 phases (illustrated below) that optimise your organisation's Recruitment, Succession Planning or Promotion efforts.

The end result will include:

  • • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment
  • • Better job fit throughout the organisation
  • • A reduction in attrition rates
  • • A better prediction of job success for new hires and promotions




By partnering with the AIE for your recruitment and selection needs, you will benefit from our experience of conducting over 1,500 assessment centres and 4,500 psychometric tests. You will also have the opportunity to advertise to our alumni pool that has over 2000 graduates who can fill any position as team lead, supervisor and general manager as well as perform in specialist positions in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Port and Maritime Management, Sustainable Energy, Business Development and other areas. Apart from access to this pool of qualified professionals you will also benefit from our global alliances.

AIE's team consists of:

  • Highly qualified HR consultants
  • Experience AC administrators
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychologists
  • Certified Psychometric Users
  • Certified Assessment Centre Designers
  • Trained Assessors

Client/Company Involvement

In our approach to Recruitment and Selection, clients have full flexibility in deciding the extent to which they wish to apply AIE's expertise to their process. The various options available to clients are illustrated below.




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