We make reference to an article which has come to our attention via today’s Trinidad Express, and which makes reference to an alleged personal relationship between a former lecturer and a former student. It was brought to our attention last year and our investigations show that this refers to issues that arose at a time when both parties were no longer faculty or an enrolled student at the Lok Jack GSB.

We were not offered an opportunity to respond to the allegations prior to the publication of the matter in the press. Further, the School’s privacy guidelines prevent us from commenting or providing personal details or information on any of our students (past or present) or members of staff; save and except for matters required to be disclosed by law or by a regulatory body.

It is clear and apparent that the Lok Jack GSB Employee Handbook (section 6) speaks to the staff obligations to provide a safe, comfortable, non-threatening and harmonious setting. This policy applies to all employees, including part-time, temporary and contract employees as well as consultants and lecturers of the School. Our students are governed by the UWI Code of Principles and Responsibilities for Students that guide the protection and conduct of those who study within the institution and we enforce this rigorously. We take our duty of care for our students and faculty very seriously.

Lok Jack GSB remains deeply committed and open to listening and addressing the concerns of its students and faculty through the Learning Assurance Unit, which can be reached at lau@lokjackgsb.edu.tt.