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Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management

We at the Lok Jack GSB recognize the important role of the SME sector in the process of economic development. SME's play a critical role in the economy in the creation of jobs, in making efficient use of resources, providing training and infrastructure and in promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. This programme is specifically designed in terms of content, assessment and delivery to meet the unique needs of the SME sector.

Having recognized that the needs and circumstances of SMEs are different, the Lok Jack GSB has tailored the MSMEM programme to suit the sector. This programme is designed with 13 carefully crafted courses (online) and 3 workshops (face-to-face) that will support the overall goals of the programme. The courses take the student from the basic or foundational level to dealing with operational issues and to transformational level, which equips budding and seasoned entrepreneurs and business operators with the skills to grow and take their business to new heights. Assessments are designed to test students' ability to apply what they learn in the courses to their business environment. It is also significant that the programme will be delivered using a blended format, thus utilizing the medium of open learning in course delivery. This is a major advantage as it allows students to chance to continue to operate their business while being in school, and by extension to apply new concepts as they learn.

As with any course of study, you will be required to make a commitment towards achieving success. Postgraduate programmes are demanding, particularly when being pursued on a part time basis. As such it would require a major commitment to self-discipline. Be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices for, nothing good comes easy. I look forward to seeing you in the programme and feel to contact our Student Recruitment Centre or drop in at the campus should you have any questions or require any information.

Welcome and thank you.


Balraj Kistow
Programme Director
Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management 


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