MPMM Benefits

  1. Flexible & Convenient: Given the online delivery, students will have the flexibility of learning in a virtual environment and not have to physically be present in a classroom. All sessions are recorded, so you can access missed sessions at time that is convenient for you.
  2. Holistic Experience: Students will develop expertise in both technical and managerial aspects of the port and maritime industry.
  1. World Class Faculty: Internationally recognized academicians and practitioners to ensure that your online experience is a dynamic, practical and relevant one.
  2. Global perspective: Through case studies, simulations and group activities, students will gain global insights into the key aspects of the maritime business
  3. International Study Trip: Students will have the opportunity to visit and observe best practice at the world's leading ports (CLICK HERE for further details on this year’s Study Trip to Panama)
  4. Dynamic Content: developed to improve management and leadership skills of ship managers and port managers
  5. Online Tutor: students have access to online tutors, who, in addition to lecturers, will help to guide your learning and ensure a rewarding experience

Benefits of Online Delivery (Elluminate Live):

  1. Increase Completion Rates and Retention: students are provided with a multi-dimensional flexible environment that suits their learning style
  2. Eliminate Geographical Barriers: enables instructors and students to work together from remote locations throughout the world
  3. Build Online Communities: because the platform supports a classroom orientation, it makes it very easy for students to interact, collaborate and work as a team, with or without an instructor
  4. Save Travel Costs:a virtual environment removes the expense of travel, especially for regional and international students
  5. Increases Productivity: as a student you will always be able to access your lectures whether or not you are able to be a part of the live sessions
  6. Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles: the virtual classroom provides two-way voice over the internet, instant messaging and a shared interactive whiteboard to display educational content
  7. Scale Information and Knowledge: students will have the ability to record and playback sessions, creating reusable learning objects to maximize access and leverage resources
  8. Improved Teaching Resources: this platform has allowed Lok Jack GSB to recruit World Class lecturers who specialize in Port and Maritime


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