Innovation, Leadership and Ethics Assessment (ILEA)

Why have we adopted this Admissions Process?

  • To ensure our admission process is rigorous, defensible and objective.
  • To make better selection decisions based on an increasing pool of applicants.
  • To improve and maintain the quality and quantity of students at the Lok Jack GSB, along with delivering extraordinary innovative leaders to the local and regional business community.
  • To provide candidates with a diagnostic assessment of their knowledge, attitudes and attributes that are important for performing successfully in our Master's Programmes

This simply means that you can expect a high standard of interaction and have good opportunities for networking and academic exchanges with a high calibre group. The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business is one of the first Business Schools in the Caribbean and Latin American region to introduce an innovative admissions process. This helps both the private and public sector in meeting their educational needs as "The Lok Jack GSB will educate extraordinary, innovative leaders who positively reshape business and society, while constantly challenging the status quo of human development.

What is ILEA?

The Innovation, Leadership and Ethics Assessment (ILEA) is an Assessment Centre process that aims to identify potential leaders and innovators who can be nurtured to create a momentous impact on their environment. Through the ILEA, we can guarantee a post-graduate experience that has vast networking opportunities and encourages peer-to-peer learning. The ILEA also helps you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses by providing you with the results of your psychometric assessment which can facilitate your personal growth and development.

Some of the assessment methodologies used in ILEA are:

  • Achievement Test
  • Personality Assessment
  • Simulation Exercise
  • Learning Styles Assessment
  • Competency Based Interview

*** The Timing and the content of all exercises are designed specifically to fit the profile for each program and will vary.

The ILEA admissions process comprises of Offsite and Online delivery:

Online includes:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Achievement test

NB: If an applicant does not have access to the Internet we can provide them with this facility upon request

Onsite includes:

  • Case Analysis and Presentation
  • Competency-Based Interview
  • Vark and Exit Interview

The ILEA is tailored to each of our Programmes to ensure that our students have the competencies necessary to pursue our rigorous course of study.

Once the stipulated qualification and experience criteria are met, applicants are then invited to complete the ILEA process.


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