Health Care Quality Improvement


Is Quality Improvement a problem at your health care organisation? Attempting to build a patient-centered medical institution by reducing mistakes, lawsuits and ethical misconducts? Seeking to turn patients and staff complaints into services opportunities and strengthen your competitive advantage? Would ideally like to improve your personal and professional image and lead your organisation to world class standards?

This workshop will provide participants with fundamental knowledge and competence development on key principles and concepts in initiating a comprehensive Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to Health Care Management. Most frequently used diagnostic and analytical tools needed to make your programme operational, including Six Sigma and lean Healthcare Techniques as such as ISO 9001:2000 (Quality
Management Systems) NABL, HACCP 15189-2003 and IHIPPA along with global health care quality improvement standards will be covered.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Initiate and lead a quality improvement campaign in their work-place
  • Apply various quality concepts in the context of their health care institution
  • Initiate any appropriate quality improvement models in their organisation
  • Gain familiarity with the quantitative and qualitative TQM tools and techniques for health care
  • Use TQM improvement tools to enhance quality and improve processes within their organisation
  • Develop an understanding of other widely used improvement methodologies
  • Develop and use a TQM strategic plan as a competitive advantage tool
  • Acquire various soft skills for quality improvement leadership

Programme Outline

Topics to be covered include:

  • Basic concepts in quality; TQM; CQI; QA;
  • Planning - Tools for team; Tools for Quality Improvement
  • Identifying Customer needs - Develop service; Develop service controls
  • Strategy formulation - Strategy Implementation;  Action plan
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Control
  • Model of Communication - The feedback loop in Communication
  • Leadership and People Management - Team coordination, Managing conflict
  •  Basics in Information Management - confidentiality, integrity of data and information; medical records; data collection; data handling
  • Quality Improvement - (The model: Enhancing lab performance)
  • The 5-S Principles – Training of Trainers (TOT) for TQM-CQI-5S at health care facilities
  •  Lean principles to the health care environment - Definition of key concepts (Lean, Value Added, and Non-Value Added)
  • Effect of Lead Time and Batching
  • Seven Wastes as applied to Health Care - Overproduction, Transportation, Excess Inventory, Excess Motion, Waiting, Non-Value Added Processing, Defects
  • Lean Implementation Tools - Comparison of Lean vs traditional methods
  • The Six Sigma Methodology such as TQM, QFD, DOE, FMEA, etc.
  • ISO9001:2008, WHO 2012, AS9100, HACCP, ISO/TS16949, OHSAS18001
  • Quality Improvement Soft Skills

Target Group

This workshop would be beneficial to:

  • Hospital and Health Centre executives
  • Medical doctors and their support staff
  • Clinical and Non-clinicians at managerial positions
  • Department Directors and Managers
  • Healthcare staff (RN's, technicians, therapists)
  • Ancillary Department staff (Quality, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, etc.)
  • Social Workers and Behavioural health officers
  • Health Educators, lawyers and public health officers
  • Independent contractors and vendors associated with the health care industry

Faculty Bio-Sketch: Dr. Christian Ehiobuce

Dr. Ehiobuche is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Faith Family Health Care LLC., New Jersey based primary health care provider. His expertise and leadership has earned the company ‘best providers awards’ for two years back to back.

As a board member for Union Health Care Systems he seriously advocated for patient- centered clinical and administrative policies that helped the organisation transit from paper to ultimate electronic medical record systems with IHIPPA, OSHA, ISO and other standards compliance without compromising quality or profit.
As an associate and co-founder of Professional Development Consultant, a US based business consultant firm specialised in helping organisations and in particular hospitals and health centers achieve excellence. He developed a model for need diagnostics and training/instructional design that enable health care professionals improve not only clinical expertise but soft skills that complement their professionalism. Base on his model, over 400 hours of workshops and continuing education courses have been conducted domestically and overseas.

Dr. Ehiobuche has over 50 publications in various professional journals and conference proceedings. Some of the recent titles are;

  •  Health Care and Culture Clash; The Case of Caribbean Immigrants in the US  

International Journal of Arts and Science Harvard University Conference Boston MA May 2013

  • Total Quality Management and Creative Thinking in the Health Care Industry.

International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management
Volume No 4 (2013), Issue No 03 Pg. 32-37 ISSN 0976-2183

  • Connectedness of Erickson’s Theory to Leadership Development.

Leadership & Organizational Management Journal
Volume 2013 Issue 1 March 15th. 2013.  ISSN 2152-8675    OCLC

  • Ehiobuche C. Critical Thinking Professional Customer Service and Family Owned Businesses in the Hospitality Industry. Ethics & Critical Thinking Journal. Volume 2012 Issue 4 Dec. 2012 ISSN. 1547-5425. OCLC. 53447909

He is the winner of 2013 Franklin Publisher’s AWARD FOR EXECELLENCE IN RESEARCH.

He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Management Science and International Business, an MBA Degree and an MA Degree.


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Time 8:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Duration 2 Days
Cost TT $4,000.00 (inclusive of training materials, refreshments and Certificate of Participation) 
Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
Venue Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Max Richards Drive,
Uriah Butler Highway, North West,
Mt. Hope


Tel: 645-6700
Fax: 662-1411


Brent Cassim  ext. 330                     
Umesh Sookoo ext. 367



Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attained a minimum attendance rate of 75% for the duration of the course.

Course Cancellation/ Reschedule Policy

Arthur Lok Jack GSB (ALJGSB) reserves the right to cancel training at any time. If ALJGSB cancels the training due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ALJGSB, you are entitled to a full refund of the course fee, or your course fee can be credited toward a future training, based upon availability (providing payments have been made before original advertised date).

ALJGSB reserves the right to reschedule training at any time. If ALJGSB reschedules training due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ALJGSB, the training will take place at the next available time. Participants will be informed via phone and/or e-mails.



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