Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on the development of a customer-centric business culture. This culture is dedicated to winning and retaining customers by outperforming the competition at consistently creating and delivering value.

In this course, participants are exposed to the key principles of building a customer-centric culture; one in which resources are allocated to those areas of the organisation that best enhance customer value and promote employee behaviours that promote customer satisfaction. The course first seeks to explain the underlying philosophy of CRM and to dispel common misunderstandings about CRM. The course then takes participants though a systematic analysis of the CRM Continuous Loop Model. A very pragmatic approach is utlitised in this course to show the application of CRM across different industries and different business types (B2C and B2B). Customers hold the ultimate trump card in this relationship, their loyalty. Businesses that do not re-engineer their processes to become customer-centric risk losing their customers and with them, their associated revenues. Therefore, CRM must take centre stage in any organisation wishing to acquire, develop and retain profitable customer relationships.

Target Audience

This programme is targeted to:

  • Marketing & Sales Professionals
  • Corporate Planners & Strategists
  • Small/Medium Business Owners

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this programme are as follows:

  • To understand the key principles and benefits of CRM
  • To recognise how CRM can be applied to an organization
  • To acquire concepts and tools for 'correctly' identifying profitable customers
  • To learn strategies for acquiring, growing and retaining profitable customers


The Facilitator actively engages participants and challenges their ideas, knowledge and understanding of CRM as it applies to real-world situations.

The learning strategies for this programme include Lectures, Handouts, Group exercises, and classroom discussions.

Programme Outline

Topics covered in this programe include:

  • Making sense of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • The CRM philosophy
    • Misunderstandings about CRM
    • Why implement CRM?
    • The CRM Continuous Loop Model
  • Understanding Your Customer Base - Customer Intimacy
    • Discerning between 'good' & 'bad' customers
    • Customer Value Potential
    • Customer portfolio management
  • Customer Value Proposition (CVP) Development
    • Identifying sources of value
    • Differential Competitor Analysis
    • The CVP statement
  • Organizational Alignment to CVP
    • Service Leadership
    • Customer Service Excellence
    • Business Processes
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
    • Customer acquisition techniques
    • Customer development strategies
    • Customer retention/loyalty strategies

Facilitator: Mr. Rainier Bisnath

With a successful career in Sales and Marketing, Rainier Bisnath brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the client organization. He is the holder of an honors degree in the Natural Sciences and a MBA with specialization in Marketing.

As Mr. Bisnath progressed in his career, he quickly gained the skills, competencies and experience necessary to propel him into key executive management positions with some well-renowned companies operating in the manufacturing sector and the energy sector. His last posting was at Neal and Massy Energy Limited, where he held the position of Sector Manager responsible for marketing the company's Exploration and Production services. As a Consultant with the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (GSB), University of the West Indies, Mr. Bisnath has completed several successful consultancies and training programs in the areas of strategic branding, customer relationship management, marketing management and strategic planning.


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Time 8:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Duration 2 Days
Cost TT $4,000.00 (inclusive of training materials, refreshments and Certificate of Participation) 
Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
Venue Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Max Richards Drive,
Uriah Butler Highway, North West,
Mt. Hope


Tel: 645-6700
Fax: 662-1411


Tamara Edwards - ext. 157
Jamie Kendall - ext. 155



Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attained a minimum attendance rate of 75% for the duration of the course.

Course Cancellation/ Reschedule Policy

Arthur Lok Jack GSB (ALJGSB) reserves the right to cancel training at any time. If ALJGSB cancels the training due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ALJGSB, you are entitled to a full refund of the course fee, or your course fee can be credited toward a future training, based upon availability (providing payments have been made before original advertised date).

ALJGSB reserves the right to reschedule training at any time. If ALJGSB reschedules training due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ALJGSB, the training will take place at the next available time. Participants will be informed via phone and/or e-mails.



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