Creative Writing for Marketing Professionals


Marketing professionals around the world are facing several undeniable truths as they seek to advance their careers and elevate their businesses. Truths such as,steep competition as markets are now borderless, with marketing services available virtually and consistent change as new marketing techniques are emerging daily with advances in technology. Therefore, the need to have a creative capacity for generating new ideas is critical to staying leaps ahead of the competition.

This Creative Writing for Marketing Professionals workshop is designed to take marketing professionals through the process of original thinking that stretches the imagination and shifts "run of the mill", everyday writing to a new level of creative writing, which increases their competitive edge.

Target Audience

This workshop will be particularly beneficial to marketing and communications professionals in the public and private sectors, who have the responsibilities of writing:

  • Treatments for television features
  • Concept papers and script outlines for television and radio advertisements
  • Powerful news releases, statements and speeches
  • Copy for brochures, sales kits and other sales and marketing material
  • Presentations which move audiences to buy

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants who have attended all sessions and actively participated should have the capability to:

  • Review and critique the work of advertising agencies, copywriters and other writing professionals involved in the writing of treatments for television and radio features, as well as concept papers and script outlines for television and radio advertisements.
  • Generate new ideas, in tight timeframes, for the creation of written work which have a strong competitive edge.
  • Lead marketing teams through the process of writing copy for brochures, sales kits, presentations and other sales and marketing material.
  • Use powerful language to inject a level of creativity in speeches, statements and news releases which captivate the attention of audiences and target markets, on a consistent basis.
  • Effectively scan their market and target audiences to make quick adjustments to writing in order to meet market demands.

Programme Outline

Day 1:

  • What is Creativity?:
    • The Key Components of Creativity
    • The Importance of Creative Writing in the work of marketing professionals
  • The Anatomy of Creativity:
    • What Creativity looks, sounds and feels like in written work
  • The Building Blocks of Creative Writing:
    • The Idea Generation Process
    • The Shift from logical to imaginative thinking
    • The Use of Language for the injection of creativity – grammar and the development of technical accuracy

Day 2:

  • Writing for Television and Radio:
    • Theme and Strategy
    • Scene and Structure
    • Plots, Characters and Points of View
    • Powerful Beginnings, Middles and Ends.
  • Writing for Sales Kits, Brochures and other Marketing Material:
    • Structure
    • Language
  • Writing News Releases and Statements:
    • How to make the news
  • Writing Speeches and other forms of Oral Presentation:
    • The Language Keys which Move Audiences to Buy
  • In Class Assignments

Facilitator: Mrs. Monique McSween

Mrs. Monique McSween is a Strategic Communications and Public Relations Executive with exceptional writing and public speaking proficiency. For more than a decade, Mrs. McSween has been recognised for formulating breakthrough communications programmes, strategic and business plans, speeches, statements and feature addresses, as well as effective branding and message development strategies for Heads of Government and business leaders in the United States and the Caribbean. She has a solid reputation in the public and private sectors for designing and implementing effective, multi-faceted strategic development and communications programs in culturally diverse environments. Mrs. McSween is ready to transfer best practices in policy development and writing for the success of world leaders.


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Time 8:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Duration 2 Days
Cost TT $3,500.00 (inclusive of training materials, refreshments and Certificate of Participation) 
Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
Venue Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Max Richards Drive,
Uriah Butler Highway, North West,
Mt. Hope


Tel: 645-6700
Fax: 662-1411


Tamara Edwards - ext. 157
Jamie Kendall - ext. 155



Certificates will only be issued to participants who have attained a minimum attendance rate of 75% for the duration of the course.

Course Cancellation/ Reschedule Policy

Arthur Lok Jack GSB (ALJGSB) reserves the right to cancel training at any time. If ALJGSB cancels the training due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ALJGSB, you are entitled to a full refund of the course fee, or your course fee can be credited toward a future training, based upon availability (providing payments have been made before original advertised date).

ALJGSB reserves the right to reschedule training at any time. If ALJGSB reschedules training due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of ALJGSB, the training will take place at the next available time. Participants will be informed via phone and/or e-mails.



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