EMBA Requirements

emba you belong 03

1. Updated Resume

a. Detailing your duties and responsibilities – please highlight clearly your start and end date for each position held, including month and year

2. Original Transcripts

a. A copy of your transcript that is signed & stamped by a JP or Commissioner of Affidavits will be treated as an original by UWI.

b. **UWI, St. Augustine graduates are NOT required to submit Transcripts

3. Copies of all Professional and/or Academic certificates where necessary

a. (CXC & CAPE Certificates are NOT required)

4. Two (2) completed Referee Forms (download)

a. (See attached template. These forms are not mandatory and traditional reference letters recommending you to the programme are also accepted)

5. One (1) completed Programme Specific Information (PSI) Form (download)

a. (See attached template. It is mandatory that you sign and date this form. If you do not wish your employer/immediate manager to sign the “DECLARATION OF THE CEO OF ORGANISATION” then you can attach a brief letter to the completed PSI, stating words to this effect and your ability to commit to the programme)

6. Copy of your Birth Certificate

7. Copy of your National ID Card (back & front) OR Copy of your Passport (picture page)


Academic Entry:

First degree with honours, from a recognized or accredited University and at least 7 years senior managerial experience;


Mature Entry:

Applicants who do not hold a first degree but possess relevant professional training and extensive experience may be accepted through the mature route: Professional and/or academic certification such as ACCA level 1 or 2/Executive Diploma/Certificate programmes. Must be over 30 years and possess at least 12 years senior managerial experience.

Additionally, applicants are required to be computer literate (i.e. Microsoft Proficient and Internet Savvy)











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