EMBA Benefits

The Executive MBA (EMBA) aims to transform mid-level and senior executives into pathfinders capable of effectively leading an organisation anywhere in the world. The part-time programme covers the general MBA curriculum while placing emphasis on behavioral and interpersonal skills and international business issues.

The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business aims to create graduates with the potential to move their company and industry forward in a significant way, and their performance and behaviours must be reflective of the values of the School

Ethical Leaders with a Global Perspective

Being a global player implies being a local leader. Nowadays, outperforming locally is a pre-requisite for performing globally. Our graduates understand the value of creating economic wealth in equilibrium with social development. An EMBA graduate is ready to design and execute the international trajectory of an enterprise applying sophisticated frameworks, analytics, ideas and tools that tackle the complexity of developing an internationally competitive and responsible firm.

Results driven, Results Oriented

Action, not intention, is what matters at the end in defining the character and legacy of men and women. This same idea applies to organizations and enterprises. In average, 80% of strategic projects or initiatives fail or are not executed. At the Lok Jack GSB we understand the imperative need to reduce the strategy-performance gap by providing our graduates the knowledge required to identify obstacles, and the courage and character that proves that decisions and actions of the mind do prevail over circumstance.

Effective Team Builders and Team Players

Collaboration is the exception, not the rule in organizations. Installing a collaborative culture implies deep and sophisticated intellectual and emotional challenges. Our students are intentionally exposed to projects and academic tasks that demand the development of collaborative intelligence, such as trust building and conflict management.

Champions of Innovation

Businesses and organizations have two ways to generate value and profits: by being different or/and by being better. Being better is accepting the rules, and playing the game. Being different demands challenging the status-quo by systematically searching for value propositions that are original, unique, genuine, and singular. Our graduates understand that the most powerful and sustainable growth engine for any organization is its capacity to innovate systemically. Our students are exposed to methods that foster exploration and experimentation as sources of insights and innovative ideas. Our graduates does not just feel comfortable with change, but with substantial change as a state of being.

World Class Faculty

Our faculty possess a wealth of academic, research and industry experience. Our international faculty bring to the programme research, teaching and consulting styles from an European, Asian and North American perspective while our local facilitators add their rich knowledge about the complex and rapidly changing business environment found in the Caribbean, Latin America and other countries facing similar challenges.

International Study Trip

In the second year of the programme, students are given the opportunity to join in the International Study Trip where they participate in sessions with renowned faculty on topics related to doing business in the country selected for the visit. They will also visit companies to meet with senior management and examine their business operations. Students will be exposed to different cultures and languages, especially Spanish, and understand the realities of doing international business.

Accredited Degree

The Lok Jack GSB holds international accreditation for the MBA SEM, EMBA & IMBA degrees from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) in the UK. To date, only 84 other business schools in the world hold AMBA accreditation.

Alumni Network

One of the greatest benefits of the relationship with the Lok Jack GSB for the senior executive is the opportunity for networking. Students will join the network of students in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana and eventually, become part of the over 1,500 graduates of the Lok Jack GSB. The Lok Jack GSB Alumni network includes senior practitioners from both the public and private sector.



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