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Lok Jack GSB

Lok Jack GSB

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Posted by on in General
Good evening Friends and Colleagues.

Sir Edmund Hillary cleverly stated that “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” and I wish to commence this address by congratulating the Graduating Class of 2016 as each of us conquered ourselves to bring higher learning and achievement into our fold. I know that we all worked tirelessly during our time spent at Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, and we finished our journeys exhausted, but exhilarated, having triumphed over countless obstacles and demonstrated that with our new arsenal of knowledge, skills and attitudes we are now equipped to shape the world and ensure our dreams become our legacy. My speech is entitled “Pieces of Me/ a Reflection of You”. When I decided to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Energy Management that was certainly not what everyone expected of me.
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As the Executive Director of ALJGSB since 2009, it is with deep concern that I write to you about the grave allegations being levelled against the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (ALJGSB) in articles in the Trinidad Express on January 2nd and 3rd 2017.

I wish to categorically state that the Board, the Management of the School, and I personally, take all matters of harassment and personal safety of our ALJGSB students and staff very seriously. To date there has been no formal report or communication received from a student or staff member related to sexual harassment.

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“My friends, let us cease this non-stop eating; we’re stripping our beloved planet and yet, we are not rebuilding. When our natural resources are gone there will be nothing for the future Nguyamyams to live on.” Inggalok

Sounds familiar?

If it doesn’t, then check out this video and we’re sure you’d recall or, be enlightened.

For those of you who do remember, get ready, nostalgia ahead!

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From the electrifying music of the steelpan to the beautiful blue sandy beaches with coconut trees dancing to the cool and calming sea breeze; it’s no wonder David Rudder sang: Sweet, sweet T&T; No place in this world I’d rather be. Trini to de bone! Trini to de bone!”

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Posted by on in General
#WILSpirit2016 was an experience: a day of reflection, self-discovery and a whole lot of advice from game-changers and business mavens! If you weren’t at the Women in Leadership Conference 2016, here’s what you missed out:
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Posted by on in Graduate Programmes

 2 Candlesticks, a microphone cord, and a rubber mat.

 macgyver items

From a glance, we’re sure you wouldn’t see the connection; but trust us, there is.

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by: Ms. Michelle N Martin, CAMS, ACA & Mr. Jean Morency, CAMS

Money launderers and terrorism financiers have been disguising illegal proceeds derived from illegal activities for a long time. Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) laws thus require a well-structured compliance program on a risk-based approach. However, many managers and board members are challenged to fully understand the scope of this obligation. Here’s a quick guide on the process:

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“Mrs. Rhodes, thank you for your interest in our Executive Master of Business Administration. Do you have some time to chat about the programme?” Stacy Rhodes had no time. She had not had time for her self in the last fifteen years but this was a leap of faith and she held her breath as she said, “Yes. This is as good a time as any. I am ready.”

Stacy was a mother of two teenagers and had been married to her husband for twelve years; it was an admirable achievement for many women but for her there were far too many painful memories. Stacy had celebrated her 40th birthday, not long ago, with her family and close friends. They all wished her health, happiness and prosperity but no one really understood the gaping hole in her life; the fact was that they were all rubbing salt in a festering wound. She had spent her life as a homemaker, catering to her husband and children but despite the material successes that were flaunted in the faces of any onlookers who viewed the size of a house and brand of a car as a measure of happiness, she was kept emotionally and financially poor by her dominating  spouse. Patrick may  have loved her at one time but Stacy’s intelligence and attractiveness casted a shadow over his insecurities and he answered back the only way a man of his ineptness could. He tore holes in her self esteem until she felt that she could not be mended while simultaneously forbidding her to work so that all those cynics who said she was too good for him could eat their words because she could never leave. Stacy’s unhappiness in her marriage began to seep its way into her health manifesting itself in migraines and panic attacks. She felt only hopelessness and that night after her birthday celebration she lay in her bed praying a fervent prayer for release.

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A tear rolled down Jonathon’s cheek as he stared at his brother’s lifeless body.

How could it be that two children, born to the same parents and socialized in the same manner turned out so radically different?

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In my dreams I travel back there each night. I travel on the wings of a bird of prey that hates this land and longs for there. It longs for China. My sleep is my only ambition as I wander through the day, longing for the night. It is the night that fulfils my hopes and my sole desire. No one can understand the feeling that it brings and the comfort, the belonging that I experience as the embarrassed sun retreats behind the lounging sea-scape. I laugh inside thinking that even that glorious ball cannot keep me from it; from the night and from my dreams. These dreams are of Sichuan province, China. This is the place where I know I belong. When I awake it misses me and when I sleep its verdant, lush mountains hum my name, calling, compelling me to return; at least in my dreams.

In my dreams I see red. I see red that stands for promises unbroken and for hope and love that is lost, but will one day return. Four kings come to me at night. They have not yet revealed their names or I would share them with you. They tell me that they will remain nameless until I return to the land where my soul belongs – to China. The four kings are mountains. The Chinese call the greatest of these kings (the oldest) Mt. Emei. Only a select few know his real name. They know his name because they obeyed the call to return to the land to which their souls belong.

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