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The Republic Bank Library's Physical collections include approximately 980 items including books, annual reports and DVDs. The majority of our collection is electronic based.

Access is available to over 20,000 journals through the online databases. For all collections, see our Borrowing Policies.

E-Resources at the Republic Bank Library

See our Database A-Z Listing for descriptions of available electronic resources.

Books and Pamphlets

Core texts are labeled with a colored sticker to identify that they are for library use only. These items are "non-circulating"

Books from the general collection may be borrowed for seven days.

ALJGSB faculty may arrange for extended loans.

"Non-circulating" items must be used in the library.

Physical journals may be used only within the Library.

Core Collection

Our core collection comprises of the items which are specifically used for the teaching and research objectives of the ALJGSB Serials (includes Newspapers and Journals)

The current issues (up to one month) are stored within the library.

Older issues are stored in storage and can only be accessed through a request. Most of the Serials and Periodicals are located online through the online databases.

Reserve Collection

The reserve collection is located within the staff area of the library.

The collection comprises of lecturer's personal copies and lecturers' folders that support the courses currently being taught at the Lok Jack GSB. These items must be used within the library.

Practicum Collection

The practicum collection comprises of final projects completed by our students.

These items cannot leave the library and photocopying is not allowed.


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